My 25 years of practicing psychology include working with a broad range of clients. I have worked in a children’s psychiatric hospital, taught college psychology courses while working on my Ph.D., worked at a community mental health center, and have been in full time private practice for the last 18 years. In my private practice, I provide individual, marital, family, and group counseling. I was a counselor for the Tennessee Medical Foundation for thirteen years and have been a consultant to therapeutic foster care programs, recovery programs, and youth homes.

As a therapist, I am honored to provide a safe and supportive atmosphere for those seeking emotional healing, improved mental health, and growth in relationships. Living in an imperfect world, we will face obstacles and hurts that demand our response. Such can be opportunities to foster our growth or our decline. From difficult childhoods, to rejections and betrayal, to life tragedies and losses, we have all experienced hurt and damage in life and can benefit from counseling. Common struggles involve significant stress, depression, anxiety, and fear. A holistic approach dealing with our physical, emotional, and spiritual identity provides the means for growth and healing.

Therapy provides a supportive place for clients to explore how they have dealt with the hurts and challenges of life. The process is a collaborative work. Participation in psychotherapy promotes insight and equips you to participate in wisely coaching yourself towards a more fulfilling life.

While exploring hurts with a supportive therapist promotes healing, therapy also involves self-evaluation and uncovering the patterns of our thinking and behavior that hinder our emotional health and relationships.

The challenges faced during the adolescent stage of life, leave many with wounds that sometimes last a life time. I have a tender spot for how hurtful these years can be for many. Connecting with teens is essential if a therapist is ever able to provide support and guidance for those needing emotional healing and direction. Some will act out from their pain and/or inability to respond in healthy ways to the challenges of teen years. Many mental health conditions begin during the teen years and special insight is needed to determine symptoms indicating developing mental and emotional disorders.

Relational/Marital/Family Counseling
Our lives are likely influenced more powerfully by our relationships than by anything else. Relationships are the foundation of life and the quest for healthy ones will always be the basis for much of therapy. Who teaches us how to have healthy communication, how to promote emotional intimacy, and how to have healthy families? Relationships can bring the greatest joys and the deepest hurts in life. Many of those who seek counseling have done so as a result of having been hurt and damaged from others.

I have a great passion to promote healthy relationships and to help others heal from the damages that have been inflicted in relationships. Therapy provides specific insight and skills that when used will promote healthy relationships throughout life.

For Those Beginning Therapy
When you are contacted for scheduling the initial session, directions to the office, fees, payment options, and any other questions you have will be answered. When arriving for the initial session, please bring your insurance information if you plan to use such for therapy. I am contracted with a number of insurance companies such as BCBS, Medicare, TriCare, and United HealthCare, and others. If you have never used your insurance or haven’t in the last year, please contact your insurance company to check your benefits and coverage. If your insurance provides mental health benefits, please find out what your co-pay is for sessions.

During the first session, you will be introduced to counseling and most of the session will be directed at obtaining information about your present concerns, background, and life situations. We will discuss how frequently we will meet. During the first few sessions, we will identify goals and discuss what you want from the counseling experience. Together we will plan for reaching your counseling goals. With serious investment in therapy, you should expect that you will be able to identify specific positive outcomes from your experience.

Testimonials & Endorsements
Dr. Karlosky’s ability to provide a safe place to “get real” and feel supported while working towards counseling goals has drawn a steady stream of clients. Her experience in marriage counseling has established her as a sought after resource for those struggling with relationship problems. Many of her clients have referred friends, family, and acquaintances to Dr. Karlosky because of the care and progress they had received from their own counseling experience with her. As Dr. Karlosky puts it, “There is no greater compliment from a client than to personally refer family and friends to her. Such is an honor and a great responsibility that she does not take lightly.”

You will find that Dr. Karlosky is easy to talk with and presents as empathetic and nonjudgmental. However, she promotes each individual taking responsibility to pursue healing and growth.