My Journey

Growing up I was always a deep thinker. I wondered about subjects that other kids didn’t even think about, I suspect. I had questions with no easy answers. Why do people’s lives go in the direction they do. How did we get here, what happens after we die, and why are some people mostly happy and kind, while others seem miserable and hurtful?

As a child, I loved working puzzles and writing about issues that moved me. I found myself sometimes writing about feelings and ways to deal with life even before I knew much about such matters. Little did I know that I would be led to work much of my adult life in the very areas of which I wrote as that young girl. God took my fascination for working puzzles, my intrigue of people, and my love of writing and weaved my journey to include each. Working our life puzzle into God’s design is truly the challenge of life.

Becoming a therapist, not only involved years of study, it also involved many life lessons that involved pain and recognition of the damage that people do to each other. My search sometimes uncovered damage from evil itself. Other times, I hurt for those suffering from mental illness or life tragedies. Seeing damage not only in my own life, but also in people from all walks of life, led me to know that trying to help promote healing and alleviating suffering in others is the greatest calling we can have. Such would always involve leading the suffering to truth and the ways to be trained for fighting the wars of life.

My journey as a therapist has enriched my life as I have watched people emerge from suffering with great compassion and resiliency that strengthens my belief in us being made in God’s image. However, when we don’t deal with hurt and strive for significance in healthy ways, many will be distorted far from who God meant them to be. Distortions change us from the splendor we were to enjoy to miserable people who can bring misery on others and such can be passed from generation to generation. Knowing this propels me to try to make a difference; to let others know it doesn’t have to be this way. Thus, I will continue to seek, talk with, write for, listen, and pray for those He sends my way.

On a personal note, My husband and I live in beautiful middle Tennessee and enjoy the great outdoors and lakes that surround us. We love spending time with our three grown children, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren.

Professionally, I am a licensed psychologist whose private practice is located in Cookeville, TN, which is mid way between Nashville and Knoxville. I provide individual, marital, and family counseling. I also present conferences promoting emotional/mental health and relationships.