My Love for Speaking

I love to talk with groups on topics about which I feel passionately. My signature platform is to promote our living from an eternal perspective. This would include seeing the big picture. We tend to live with a narrow view, allowing the hurts of this world to have great power over us, while the powerful truths concerning eternity to have much less impact. Living with the full picture in mind changes how we deal with life.

I explore ways to promote emotional and spiritual health, which go hand in hand. I have been a public speaker on a range of topics related to mental health issues and relationships. I’ve spoken in recovery programs, church conferences, professional seminars, women’s groups, marriage workshops, and parenting groups. Several topics are close to my heart, such dealing with the hurts of life, relationships, and pursuing what God wanted for us in this life, along with the next. Dealing with stress and toxic emotions such as depression, anger, and anxiety are always areas in which I love to share stories and insight. My hope is that my years of psychological and spiritual study and experience equip me to speak poignantly to issues of heart and soul.

My hope is that my willingness to share my passion for promoting our lives will engage and move you to encounter the Lord in ways that will last a lifetime.

I have opened a conference center that is dedicated to promoting emotional/mental health and relationships. To see upcoming conferences, go to

Contacting Dr. Karlosky for speaking

Professional, church, support, marriage, women’s, and recovery groups are welcome to contact Dr. Peggy Karlosky to discuss topics for which she can be scheduled to present. She is available for emotional/spiritual retreats, conferences, and banquets. You will likely find her to be entertaining, informative, and clearly committed to making a positive difference in other’s lives.

To contact Dr. Karlosky about being a speaker, go to or call Dr. Karlosky at 931.528.1361.