Dr. Peggy Karlosky is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Tennessee. She earned her BS at the University of Tennessee, her MS and PhD at the University of Kentucky, and completed her doctoral internship at the Vanderbilt Consortium.

Dr. Karlosky’s first love was that of writing. Although she started college majoring in journalism, her path turned to psychology. She declares that all Christian writers are also therapists. Her quest to understand the human mind and what determines our destiny led her down many avenues.

Dr. Karlosky’s thirty years in the field of psychology have provided a variety of experiences. The first decade of her career included teaching at two universities and working in a psychiatric hospital and a community mental health center. For over the last twenty years, she has been in private practice. During her practice, she has been a consultant to two therapeutic foster care programs and a youth residential program. She provided evaluations for high-risk offenders in a correctional program that involved making recommendations concerning rehabilitation. Besides individual and family counseling, for thirteen years, she was a caduceus counselor for Tennessee physicians, dentists, and pharmacists in recovery. Her public speaking history includes both professional presentations and ministry in church settings. She has spoken in recovery programs, woman’s groups, community education programs, emergency intervention groups (paramedics, EMTs, firefighters), churches, industrial settings (stress and mental health in the workplace), and medical conferences (dealing with those who self-harm).

Dr. Karlosky credits her Savior and Lord Jesus with the long-standing success of her private practice. She has enjoyed twenty years of a thriving private practice, in which she provides individual, family, and group counseling.

She and her husband live in Cookeville, Tennessee, which is nestled in rolling green hills, surrounded by gorgeous lakes and farmland. Nashville is an hour west and Knoxville an hour and a half east.

Dr. Karlosky’s decades of working with others’ pain have given her a candid understanding of the war for our destiny. It has also fueled her quest to reach a hurting world with hope. Dr. Karlosky is excited about a new chapter in her career that not only involves being a grandmother, but also freelance writing and increased speaking engagements. Her decades of counseling, consulting, and speaking have helped her establish a platform that connects with those in helping professions, those struggling in life, and people who seek spiritual and emotional growth. Her connections in ministry, recovery programs, medicine, psychology, education, and community programs help promote her attempts to reach audiences.

Seeing how counseling has promoted healing and hope for so many, she is eager to share with those who may never have the opportunity for professional counseling. Her speaking and writing are geared to reach a hurting and seeking world and can be explored at www.drpeggyk.com. She can be contacted at pkarlosky@drpeggyk.com.