Greetings & Welcome

Working as a psychologist for 25 years has created some obsessions in me. I’m obsessed over people being distorted from who they were meant to be and from experiencing the life God designed for them. Since we live in a fallen world, we will all suffer pain and frustration. Seeing the suffering of others has propelled me to cling even more tightly to the love of Jesus. Such suffering has also fortified my resolve that the true antidote for suffering will always involve love and compassion. What a joy it has been to help others in their quest for healing.

How we deal with hurt and how we strive for significance largely influences our life direction. I’m also convinced that the more we know, embrace, and follow truth, the more we can pursue God’s plan for our existence.

It has not only been an honor to be used in helping those suffering, it has also provided invaluable life lessons. I’ve learned that living with eternity always in the background of our mind, knowing that all the pain and glory of this world is temporary, we are better equipped to live wisely. Those who treat others with respect and dignity and always aware of being cherished by our creator are positioned with hope and comfort as the blows of life hit.

Even those not currently suffering can benefit from self-examination and counsel. We can all improve in dealing more effectively with our thoughts, emotions, and relationships. Over the years of counseling, I have noticed that people are more willing to seek counseling as a healthy proactive attempt to improve their life and relationships. Thus, I strive to counsel and write about issues that help encourage us to always pursue the healthiest life we can.

As a psychologist in private practice, I provide individual, marital, and family counseling. As a writer and speaker, I love to write and speak on topics about which I feel passionately. These include issues related to emotional and spiritual health which go hand in hand.